August 3, 2023

OneSource Virtual partners with Highline

OneSource Virtual (OSV), the leading provider of services for Workday, and an innovator of extensible applications built on Workday technology, announces a first-of-its-kind partnership with Highline, a fintech company transforming payments to benefit consumers and billers alike. This collaboration enables OneSource Virtual customers to further improve the financial health and well-being of their employees with Highline’s revolutionary new payments network, which powers Pay by Paycheck, designed to simplify consumer finances between payday and bill due dates.

“One of our core missions is to deliver innovative solutions that drive employee financial wellness in the U.S. market,” explains John Bax, CFO of OneSource. “Partnering with Highline is a natural extension of our existing product suite enabling us to expand our mission to include better automatic bill payment with built-in budgeting, access to lower-cost financial products and the ability for employees to save money as a result. This builds upon our current solution suite, including myFlexPay, which supports organizations by offering on-demand pay to their employees and from a more recent release, myFlexSpend – an enhanced consumer directed health (CDH) solution providing streamlined and intuitive tax-advantaged accounts.”

A recent report from LendingClub and PYMNTS found that as of January 2023, 60% of adults in the United States, including more than four in 10 high-income consumers, live paycheck to paycheck.

Highline is taking the concept of open banking with account-to-account payments and applying it to payroll to create a richer payment experience that truly solves the greatest challenge facing consumers.

“Consumers need better tools to manage their finances and there’s a big misalignment between their payday and the due dates of their bills,” said Geoff Brown, founder and CEO of Highline. “With Pay by Paycheck, recurring bills can be more easily and reliably automated while improving consumer control over their money. This earns discounts based on the work people do and naturally helps them manage a budget.”

Highline’s Pay by Paycheck enables consumers to make payments directly from their paycheck, bypassing the traditional banking and payment rails. This new way to pay helps consumers avoid missed payments and associated late fees and penalties, including repeat debit attempts from their bank accounts that can result in costly overdraft fees.

“This lower-cost alternative payment method provides a greater level of comfort regarding repayment for billers,” said Brown. "Billers present Highline Pay by Paycheck as a better alternative to ACH and card payments. They do so because it dramatically improves payment rates and reduces their credit losses and customer churn.”

A great mechanism for consumers to spread bill payments across their paydays, Highline’s Pay by Paycheck makes it possible to avoid making large, lump sum payments at all once. With Pay by Paycheck’s “Pay as You Earn” feature, consumers can make partial payments from each paycheck to participating billers, enabling them to pay down loans earlier and minimize interest. Additionally, Pay by Paycheck offers “Pay on Due Date” to push the total amount due to billers on the billing due date.

“We’re excited to be partnering with Highline to deliver these benefits to our customers’ employees as well as our ongoing collaboration to innovate new products and features that continue to improve employee financial health and well-being,” stated Bax.

Geoff Brown shared in the sentiment, “Highline is very grateful to OSV for building such a deep partnership with us. It’s only together that we are able to create such a brilliant experience for both consumers and billers alike.”

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