June 15, 2022

3 steps to strategic HR, part 3

Did you know that low employee engagement costs U.S. companies about $450-550 billion each year?

You don’t want your company to contribute to that statistic! So far, our three-part blog series “3 steps to strategic HR” has covered how grounding HR strategy in an understanding of the business and improving the employee experience can help. Now, read on for your last step to boost employee engagement.

Step 3: Leverage automation and move employees to value-add functions.

Automating mundane, time-consuming tasks and giving employees more valuable roles is another way to be strategic as an HR leader. When companies reallocate employees in alignment with their strategic plans they are twice as likely to outperform other organizations, a McKinsey study found. 

Plus, relieving employees of repetitive tasks can increase their job satisfaction as well. Stats from a global office worker survey support the need for automation to improve the employee experience:

  • On average, respondents reported wasting four and a half hours a week on tasks they believed could be automated.
  • Burdened by time-consuming tasks, 70% of U.S. office workers said they are unable to help customers efficiently.
  • 68% of respondents want their jobs to allow time for learning and implementing new responsibilities.

Once automation is in place to reduce manual tasks, you can assess employees’ skillsets, conduct a gap analysis, and determine what additional training is needed to empower employees to perform more valuable work.

Automating AP can save you time and money, while improving accuracy and efficiency. Learn more here.

Want to review the first two steps to strategic HR? You can read Part 1 and Part 2 of the blog or view this  infographic  for a complete overview.

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