June 7, 2024

CFO Leadership Conference Spring 2024 Recap

Hosted in Boston June 4 – 6, 2024, this spring’s CFO Leadership Conference presented by CFO Leadership Council was an inspiring and insightful event filled with engaging sessions, invaluable networking opportunities, and actionable strategies for finance professionals. 

As an exhibiting sponsor, OneSource Virtual had the privilege to participate in and contribute to discussions shaping the future of financial leadership. Here's a recap of the key highlights and takeaways from the event: 

OneSource Virtual at CFO Leadership Conference 

OneSource Virtual helps organizations make the most of their Workday Financial Management investment with a combination of technology and services to improve accuracy, increase efficiency, and uncover hidden cash in accounts payable processes. 

After learning that OneSource Virtual works exclusively with Workday, many attendees mentioned their organizations were too small for Workday. We were happy to address this misconception and share some of the recent programs Workday has released with new packages, pricing, and deployment options for smaller organizations.

These organizations are also a great fit for OneSource Virtual's scalable services, which can help augment lean teams and even generate the cash needed to cover the cost of Workday Financial Management.

We also had a great time providing attendees with tips on how to speed up invoice ingestion, enhance payment mix, and maximize cash flow. Curious about the insights you may have missed? This infographic on our Invoice Pay solution is a great place to start. And you can always reach out to us directly to start a conversation. 

CFO Leadership Conference OSV booth

On Wednesday night, we had a change of scenery — trading booth tables for ping pong tables at SPIN Boston. Nothing quite like a little competition to enhance the networking experience! 

CFO Leadership Conference Event

Conference keynotes 

The conference offered a handful of engaging keynote sessions across all three days focused on the keys to growing successfully and navigating the latest in technology. 

Leadership Through Hyper-Growth & IPOs 

  • Speaker: Elena Gomez, CFO, Toast 
  • Moderator: Hong Luo, Harvard Business School 

Elena Gomez shared her extensive experience in leading high-growth organizations and provided a behind-the-scenes look at Toast's successful IPO. She emphasized the importance of strategic planning and adaptability in navigating the complexities of going public, especially during volatile economic times. Her insights on managing investor relations and driving corporate development initiatives were particularly valuable for finance leaders looking to replicate similar successes. 

From Humble Beginnings to Global Impact: Navigating the Financial Journey of Zoetis CFO Wetteny Joseph 

  • Speaker: Wetteny Joseph, EVP & CFO, Zoetis Inc. 
  • Moderator: Jonathan Fleming, MIT Sloan School of Management 

Wetteny Joseph's inspiring journey from Haiti to becoming the CFO of Zoetis, a Fortune 500 company, was a highlight. His discussion focused on building a world-class finance team, a customer-centric approach to financial leadership, and the dynamics of partnering with a CEO. Joseph's perspective on the global economy, particularly within the animal health sector, provided attendees with a unique view on driving growth and value. 

How Gen AI will Transform the CFO Role in 2024 and Beyond 

  • Speaker: Monica Proothi, Global Finance Transformation Lead, IBM Consulting 
  • Moderator: Dan Bigman, Chief Executive Group 

Monica Proothi explored the transformative impact of generative AI on the CFO role. She discussed how AI technologies are reshaping financial decision-making and strategic planning, emphasizing the need for CFOs to embrace new skills and perspectives. Her insights on leveraging AI to create maximum value underscored the increasing strategic importance of the CFO in the coming years. 

How CFOs Unwittingly Undermine Customer Loyalty—and the Solution 

  • Speaker: Fred Reichheld, Founder of Bain & Company’s Loyalty Practice 
  • Moderator Dan Bigman, Chief Executive Group 

Fred Reichheld addressed a critical yet often under-emphasized aspect of financial management: customer loyalty. He explained how traditional financial systems can inadvertently undermine customer loyalty and highlighted the importance of investing in customer satisfaction. Reichheld's framework for tracking and optimizing investments to enhance customer loyalty was a key takeaway for CFOs aiming to drive sustainable growth. 

Breakout Sessions and Networking 

The event also featured numerous breakout sessions where attendees could dive deeper into specific topics, including: 

  • Addressing the current challenges in finance and accounting to stay relevant and effective in today's fast-paced environment. 
  • Sharing successful strategies from various industries to accelerate growth and profitability. 
  • Gaining practical advice from experienced CFOs and experts on navigating economic uncertainties. 

Networking opportunities were abundant both during the conference and after hours, allowing finance leaders to connect, share experiences, and form valuable professional relationships. 

Wrapping up the event 

The CFO Leadership Conference connected finance professionals with tools, insights, and people to help them lead strategically in today's rapidly changing business environment. If you missed this event, be on the lookout for other events hosted by the CFO Leadership Council throughout the year. 

About OneSource Virtual 

OneSource Virtual (OSV) delivers patented in-tenant technology and expert services that efficiently automate the administrative, transactional tasks of Workday payroll, taxes, payments, and benefits. With over 1,000 active customers and a 95% customer retention rating, OSV is the leading exclusive provider of Workday Business-Processes-as-a-Service (BPaaS).   

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