March 22, 2018

Hypercare support: The secret to a smooth landing

You’re more likely to remember a bumpy landing than a smooth flight, and the same is true when you’re deploying a new ERP solution. You could’ve had the smoothest deployment possible, but if the transition to everyday use is rocky, that can color your entire experience.

That’s why some ERP deployment partners go the extra mile and provide additional help with hypercare, a form of post-deployment support lasting for a predetermined period of time.

Hypercare is customer-centered support during a critical period in the project lifecycle

Going live isn't the end of your Workday journey; it's the start of a totally new one. And to be successful, your team needs time to get their feet wet.

Hypercare provides crucial end-user support to help customers transition from deployment to stabilization, ensuring their progress from one system to another continues according to plan.

When a deployment partner doesn’t offer a hypercare solution, the message is clear—now that you’re live, you're on your own.

A deployment partner that offers hypercare sends a different signal, one that indicates a commitment to authentic partnership and to making sure the customer is equipped for the future.

The difference between basic hypercare and comprehensive hypercare

Not all hypercare solutions are the same. If it's too basic, it may not address the key challenges your business could face when adopting a new ERP solution. Taking on these critical challenges alone with a basic hypercare solution (or worse—no hypercare solution) puts you at risk for a bumpy landing.

A truly comprehensive hypercare solution begins before you go live and incorporates members of your deployment team with members of an application management team. Approached this way, the focus is not just on post-deployment stabilization but also on customer enablement and user readiness.

Bring your Workday deployment in for a smooth landing with hypercare

It doesn’t happen very often, but every now and then there’s a headline about a passenger who was forced to land a plane with no prior experience. (Yes, it does happen.) These passengers never just execute a perfect landing on their own; they have help from traffic control.

For customers deploying a new ERP system, hypercare is the calm, encouraging voice of traffic control over the radio. And the best hypercare solution begins well before the runway is in sight.

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