August 1, 2019

The power of authentic change management

Because it has the power to unify scattered and inefficient processes, deploying Workday is a transformative experience for any business.

But there’s a catch: Simply going live isn’t a guarantee that employees will automatically adopt your new solution. Like any other tool, it needs informed users to do what it was made to do.

That’s why no deployment is complete without a change management plan.

What is change management?

It’s simple: Change management is about managing change, from small changes to very large ones, like deploying Workday.

At its best, change management makes transformation easier by addressing your team’s concerns, setting expectations, and equipping users with the resources and expertise they need to adopt your new solution.

But in too many cases, employee size is the biggest factor in determining what a company’s change management plan should look like. And while employee size is important, other factors are also important.

Every business has its own personality and culture based on its leadership, its employees, and its industry. For change management to be truly effective, it has to look beyond mere metrics to account for all these other things.

In other words, it has to be authentic to your business.

Authentic change management has the power to transform your processes

Providing authentic change management means spending time with stakeholders at all levels to understand what the business needs. Identifying critical gaps, both in leadership and in existing processes, is also important.

If you choose OneSource Virtual as your change management partner, all these things can be discovered with a change assessment.

Some of the most important questions in our change assessment are:

  • What system(s) are you leaving behind?
  • What concerns do people within your organization have going forward?
  • What change management strategies have you already tried, and how effective were they?

Your answers to these questions will help us determine what your strategy needs to include so we can build the best plan for your business. What’s more, your assessment can provide critical insights to help you improve your culture.

We believe in the power of authenticity

When implementing Workday, simply going live shouldn’t be your only measure of success—not when user adoption is so important to your ROI. You have to prepare your employees for life with this new tool, and that means developing a change management strategy.

But if your strategy is primarily based on how many employees you have, it’s incomplete.

For change management to be authentic and transformative, it has to account for so much more than how many employees you have.

Authentic change management starts with an authentic partnership. At OneSource Virtual, we work with you to understand your culture and create a strategy that speaks to the heart of what your business needs to successfully adopt Workday.

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