January 7, 2021

Customer Case Study: Kindred Partners

Kindred Group brings 12 of Europe’s most successful online gaming brands together to form one of the world’s largest online gambling companies. With 27 million customers and global offices in London, Malta, Stockholm, and Gibraltar, plus even more teams in Antwerp, Milan, Madrid, Paris, Copenhagen, New York, and Sydney, Kindred is the definition of a global company

Kindred Partners with OneSource Virtual for Multiple Global Deployments During Worldwide Pandemic

With a geographically dispersed team, several policies that varied by region, and an outdated HRIS that was increasingly difficult to upgrade, it was clear Kindred needed a newer, more unified, and more user-friendly solution.

“We were looking at a complete restart,” says Liam Reese, Head of HR Operations at Kindred Group.

“For example, the previous system didn’t work for any of the more complex Scandinavian absence rules. What we had was a global system of record, but it wasn’t an accurate record for absence, among other things.”

The deployment didn't come without its difficulties during the pandemic. Explore how OneSource Virtual was instrumental in the remote success of the project.

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