April 21, 2023

How to Maximize Your Investment in People and Data

Organizations across sectors are focused on enabling strategic priorities for their businesses. But while every firm's focus is different, people and data are essential to enabling their ambitions.

In a recent survey of OneSource Virtual customers, HR and finance leaders agreed that control over—and confidence in—their data and having empowered, strategically focused employees were both top of mind. 

Learn how OSV’s payroll services enable Workday users to maximize their investments in people and data.

Join us as we discuss recent trends and key focus areas for HR and finance leaders seeking to realize the full strategic value of their payroll operations and insights. We’ll highlight OSV’s unique, in-tenant approach to managed payroll services and talk with an HR leader for a front-line perspective on how their organization engages the full potential of its people and data.

You’ll also learn how OSV can help your organization:

  • Identify and prevent payroll errors
  • Gain visibility and control over data to activate strategic insights
  • Empower employees for increased productivity and strategic impact
  • Improve employee wellness and engagement with flexible pay and financial well-being tools

Watch Pete Tiliakos, Principal Analyst & Advisor at GtX Advisors, Rebecca Franco, Director, Global Payroll at The Trade Desk, and Michael Roseman, Senior Vice President, Service Delivery at OneSource Virtual for a front-line perspective on how organizations engage the full potential of people and data.


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