January 31, 2019

OSV aligns with Technology Evaluation Centers' report addressing robotic process automation for HCM

What Can AI and Automation Do for Talent Management?

Dallas, TX – Jan. 31, 2019 – OneSource Virtual (OSV) , an automation leader of Business Process as a Service (BPaaS) solutions, today announced that Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC) has published a new automation industry report featuring an exclusive interview with OSV’s Senior Vice President of Marketing and Product Management, Cay Gliebe. The January 2019 report entitled, “What Can AI and Automation Do for Talent Management?” is authored by TEC Principal Analyst Predrag Jakovljevic and can be read here.

Focusing on next generation artificial intelligence (AI) and automation concepts that can improve human capital management (HCM) activities, the report addresses the combined advantages of human and digital workforce integration. OSV’s Gliebe, who is a thought leader on the benefits of this people-robots coalescence, believes that the topic is one of the hottest being evaluated by forward-leaning HR departments today.

“Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is not about replacing people resources, it is about replacing a set of ‘buzzkill’ repetitive manual tasks with robotic services,” says Gliebe in the report. “By freeing up time for workers to do activities that leverage human thinking, innovation, creativity, business instincts and decision-making capabilities, organizations can better facilitate both personal and business growth.”

Gliebe believes the benefits are symbiotic and span across four key areas in both the HR and Financials areas: 

  • More satisfied and engaged employees, improving company culture and leading to increased employee retention;
  • Employees performing strategic, higher-value tasks that benefit the company;
  • Easy, faster and more accurate auditability to meet industry and government compliance requirements;
  • Immediate available resources for overflow or unexpected events (such as tax audits, mergers & acquisitions, year-end business processes, disaster recovery, etc.).

OneSource Virtual announced in October 2018 that it is bringing the world’s first Robotic Process as a Service (RPaaS) solution to market Q1 2019 for mid-market enterprises. OSV will be offering its Workday user base turnkey solutions that provide end-to-end, rules-based automated processes that require no monitoring, but can be pre-configured for outcomes/exceptions and controlled via dashboards.

“In no uncertain terms, AI tools and robotics automation will play an increasingly central role in HCM software applications,” says TEC analyst Jakovljevic in the report. “Once employers have recruited, trained, and invested in the right talent, they need to attain and maintain employee satisfaction to benefit both employer and employee. Robotic process automation can rescue bored workers from repetitive tasks, allowing companies to redeploy their talent into better more satisfying roles.

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