May 6, 2024

Beyond the Basics: Unlocking Payroll Flexibility & Growth for Your Business

Workday and OneSource Virtual (OSV) offer a compelling answer for businesses seeking payroll solutions that drive compliance and growth. In a recent webinar, Loren Logsdon, payroll manager at Surefox North America, shared her transformative journey alongside David Hudson, Workday's VP of product strategy for payroll, and Steph Jarman, OSV's customer storyteller.

In this blog, we highlight key moments from their conversation. You can watch the full webinar on demand.

Loren's path to payroll empowerment

Loren's story illustrates the challenges that payroll professionals often face as organizations grow and the importance of having the right tools and partners.

With Surefox experiencing rapid growth, it had to improve its payroll processes with a long-term solution. In 2023, the company implemented Workday and chose OSV to handle its payroll administration tasks. But with Loren as the only in-house payroll team member, she still needed more support. Surefox had tried to expand its payroll team in the past, but it was unable to find talent that fit with the team's long-term goals. A colleague from finance came over to help temporarily but eventually moved back to accounting after receiving a promotion.

Based on how difficult it was to give Loren the help she needed internally, Surefox’s leadership doubled down on their OSV investment, upgrading from payroll administration to a fully managed payroll solution.

As Loren explained, "It was really the CEO who pushed for managed payroll to give me that relief since I was going back to a payroll team of one. I'm thankful he made that decision."

Elevating the Workday experience with ongoing support and resources

Workday's dedication to user education through resources like on-demand videos, classes, and the Workday community has been invaluable for Loren. "They have some awesome classes where you can actually learn the different functions within Workday and learn how to do everything," she said.

OSV's dedicated support team has also been a game-changer. "My representatives personally have been fantastic. If I have questions, they answer and give me advice on how to set anything up," Loren shared.

She contrasted this with previous providers, where she often had to wait days for meetings or rely on impersonal call centers.

“With other systems, you can put in an email and request a meeting, and maybe they’ll set up one in a couple of days. Whereas with OSV, I actually have the contact information of my representative and I have their email.”

The strong partnership led Loren to request keeping the same OSV team when upgrading to their new managed payroll service. “They kind of get to know your company, and they know you as a person, how you flow with payroll, and your nuances,” she explained.

Compliance simplified

Maintaining compliance is a constant challenge, especially for companies with a multi-state presence like Surefox, which now operates in 26 states. “Most of our employees are in California. So, you have all those rules and regulations that are specific to California that you need to abide by. Workday really catches all those nuances,” Loren said.

OSV's proactive approach to customer service has been invaluable. “It's fantastic being able to reach out to them to help with Workday and compliance issues. They will tell us about any changes — this state has changed, or this state, or you need to update this.”

Loren's past experiences highlight the transformation. “Audits were a nightmare back then. It's so easy to make mistakes when you're doing everything with formulas and spreadsheets. Now, the system just picks everything up for you and flags it. It's great.”

Customization and control

A key strength of Workday is its high level of customization, enabling businesses to personalize the system to their unique needs. “It's very customizable, so I can go in there and set anything up the way I want it set up. I can customize anything that I want to customize, which is another great feature. I have control of everything in Workday,” Loren shared.

This level of control empowers payroll professionals like Loren to optimize processes, create custom reports, and make real-time adjustments as needed, supporting Surefox's continued growth and evolution.

Drive business growth while streamlining payroll

Partnering with Workday and OneSource Virtual has transformed Surefox North America, unlocking payroll flexibility and enabling expansion across multiple locations. By leveraging the strengths of Workday’s technology and OSV’s proactive service, businesses can streamline payroll, ensure compliance, and provide seamless employee experiences.

As Loren Logsdon's journey exemplifies, this powerful combination empowers payroll professionals, fosters work-life balance, and enables businesses to scale operations seamlessly. With dedicated support, customizable solutions, and a commitment to education, Workday and OSV offer a comprehensive solution for organizations seeking payroll optimization and growth.

Watch the full webinar on-demand to learn more about Loren's experience. You can also contact OSV to explore how we can support your payroll, payroll tax, and compliance needs.

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