October 26, 2023

Transforming payroll with OSV: The partner difference

“No one ever got fired for picking XYZ.” 

Anyone tasked with finding a payroll vendor has heard this phrase before. But does that sound like a ringing endorsement, or is it more like someone hedging their bets?  

As payroll evolves and companies adapt by moving to an innovative platform like Workday, companies might need to rethink what a payroll vendor relationship should look like. 

At OneSource Virtual, we’ve always wanted to inspire enthusiasm and trust in our customers by giving them an experience they wouldn’t be able to have with a legacy vendor. But what does that mean? 

Let’s look at five ways the OSV payroll experience differs from the traditional vendor experience.  

1. Platform expertise vs. generalized services 

When you’re on vacation, what kind of guide would you prefer: someone immersed in the culture and cuisine who can show you all the best sights or someone who is more broadly familiar with the area?  

At OSV, we have always been focused exclusively on the Workday platform. Our employees have an average of 10 years of Workday experience, which is backed up by an average of 20 years of payroll experience. 

Other payroll vendors are platform agnostic—or even have their own platform that competes with Workday.  

What our specialized focus means for customers is that they get access to services and solutions that are purpose-built for the platform they’ve invested in, optimizing their HCM experience. 

“OSV’s relational approach to services sets them apart…you have a team of folks that you go to and you really get to know...they’re part of your team.”

Kevin McDonald, Vice President of People Services and Insights, The E.W. Scripps Company 

2. Strategic support vs. service delivery 

How we deliver our services is just as important as our specialized expertise. OSV is one of the only partners equipped to provide services inside your Workday applications—in fact, we pioneered that approach.  

But service delivery isn’t the end goal for us, the way it is for traditional payroll vendors. For us, it’s about everything else that’s possible as a result: improved visibility and control for your team, added security for your data, an optimized Workday experience, and much more. This is what it means to offer strategic support.

“I would much rather pick up the phone…than have to create a ticket and talk to six different people along the path trying to resolve something.”

Cyndi Lamb, Payroll System Delivery Manager, SCI Shared Resources 

3. Personalized approach vs. one-size-fits-most 

Your needs as a business aren’t going to stay the same, nor will your payroll strategy.  

With our combination of Workday expertise and in-application services, you benefit from a more personalized experience that fits your evolving needs, compared to the more standardized solutions offered by traditional payroll vendors. 

Don’t force your strategy to fit around inflexible, one-size-fits-most solutions when there is a more flexible option. 

“When I partner with my colleagues at OneSource Virtual, there’s that personal level of relationship. I know someone is there for me.”

Darcy Parker, Director of Payroll & Benefits, CAREPATHrx 

4. Long-term vision vs. short-term transactions 

Short-term transactions don’t go far enough to help you because your payroll strategy and vision for success are rooted in the long term. But short-term transactions are exactly what most traditional payroll vendors prioritize. 

On the other hand, the personalized service you receive from OSV is built to evolve with you, providing you with the flexibility to scale your services up within your current contract to ensure you have the support you need. 

“A lot of client partners can be very mechanical and cold. You’re just one of the many clients that are going through the process…. Right away it was obvious OSV treated you like you were a member of the team.”

Joseph Mazzo, Director of Human Resources Information Technology, Eisner Advisory Group 

5. Collaborative vs. transactional 

All of this combines to create an experience that is collaborative and proactive rather than transactional. 

For traditional payroll vendors, your experience is often limited by pre-defined services that don’t allow for customization, forcing you to change your strategy to fit what your vendor is willing to offer you. 

OSV offers something different. We collaborate with nearly 900 payroll customers to understand their unique needs, challenges, and long-term goals. 

“Every interaction that I have with our account manager is top-notch.”

Brian Orr, Chief Financial Officer, Greenix 

Are you ready to experience the partner difference?  

There are a lot of payroll vendors to choose from. But just because a vendor has been around for decades or is considered “the safe choice” doesn’t mean it’s the best option—not if its goals are so different from yours. 

We strive to be a true partner, not just another vendor. You can see this in our deep expertise, approach to service delivery, and how we prioritize your long-term vision to provide personal, collaborative service. 

Don’t just settle for a solution—be proud of what you’ve chosen. 

Learn more about our purpose-built payroll solutions that go above and beyond to support your business and your employees or contact us if you’re ready to experience the partner difference. 

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