July 21, 2022

Does your payroll team have payroll fatigue?

“Do you wake up Monday morning dreading your payroll tasks?” 

That might sound like something you would hear in a medical commercial, but for many extremely busy payroll professionals around the world, it’s an all-too familiar feeling. 

You might even have people on your own team who feel this way. While everyone else looks forward to payday, they’re mostly thinking about everything they have to do between now and then.  

They might also be thinking about the other things they could be doing if only they had the time. 

And that’s really the problem, isn’t it? It’s not about experience or even time management. Sometimes people just have too much to do.  

They have a capacity challenge.


If your business uses Workday, an experienced Workday payroll partner can help your team overcome their capacity challenge to focus on more strategic things, like: 

  • Leveraging Workday’s powerful reporting and dashboarding capabilities to correct errors and improve operations 
  • Answering employee questions about payroll and helping with other critical HR-related tasks 
  • Researching and deploying new payroll solutions, like earned wage access or payroll cards, to improve the payroll experience for all employees 

These are projects that add value to your company. And for your payroll employees, they can feel more meaningful than the manual, repetitive tasks they’re often stuck with in the absence of a payroll partner. 

Payroll fatigue is more real than you might realize 

Payroll Fatigue may not be an actual medical condition, but that doesn't mean it isn't real.

If people on your team feel stressed, anxious, or unfulfilled because of the capacity challenges they’re facing, it’s time to address those problems, for their sake and for the sake of your business. 

Putting your trust in a partner like OneSource Virtual might be just what the doctor ordered, only without all the harmful side effects you hear about in today’s most potent medicines 

To learn more about overcoming your payroll capacity challenge, explore our services, or contact us with your questions.  

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