October 24, 2022

Same service, new look

Welcome to our new website!

As anyone in business knows, brands need a refresh every now and then. But changing your website or your colors doesn’t mean you’ve changed who you are.

Our identity is the same as it’s been since we were founded in 2008.

We’re still guided by the same core values.

We’re still exclusive to Workday.

And we still believe in the power of technology to drive authentic collaboration. Because at the end of the day, what’s most important to us is your experience with OSV.

We want every interaction with us to feel genuine and meaningful. We want you to feel like your business matters—because it does. And we want you to feel like you can be yourself, because authenticity is just as important corporately as it is individually.

We know all too well there’s often a disparity between what you’d like to spend your time on and what you have to spend your time on.

Our goal has always been to alleviate that burden in a way that goes beyond traditional outsourcing, leveraging technology and genuine partnerships to restore your missing capacity.

That’s what really drives us every day, and we promise that won’t change.

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