November 23, 2021

Customer Case Study: Nilfisk

With over 4,000 employees in 45 countries, Nilfisk is one of the world’s leading providers of cleaning products.

But while their products are focused on cleanliness, internally Nilfisk needed a better way to organize its employee data, both to ensure accuracy and so that Nilfisk’s leadership could use that data more strategically to improve the business.

Across the company, information that was available to one location was not available to another,” says Nilfisk’s vice president of HR Services and Technology. “The only central HR process was a SharePoint-based IDP tool.”

This was frustrating for Nilfisk’s leaders and was ultimately viewed as unsustainable in the face of the company’s growing business needs.

And so, in 2017, the company began searching for a new global HCM solution that would make up for what they lacked.

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