July 2, 2019

Customer Case Study: Gogo

Gogo is the leading global provider of in-flight broadband connectivity and connectivity-enabled services to commercial and business aviation. Aircraft operators use Gogo to improve the passenger experience by providing Internet and entertainment services, and operational efficiency by connecting the aircraft and its crew.

Currently, Gogo provides broadband connectivity services to approximately 3,000 commercial aircraft and approximately 4,200 business aircraft.

How OSV Helped Gogo Take Flight with Workday

With their Workday project outlined, Gogo began searching for a deployment partner. “Our ideal Workday service provider needed to be economically appealing and have a well-defined customer base,” Blake Limestall, Senior Director of HR Operations and Technology at Gogo.“OneSource Virtual fit the bill as they were more economical for us and gave us the option to scale our services once we went live with Workday.”

“We’ve optimized our processes and business practices across the board with what we have in Workday." Limestall says.

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