July 17, 2020

Customer Case Study: LanguageLine

As the world’s third-largest language service provider, LanguageLine leverages a vast workforce with over 12,000 interpreters to provide 24/7 support to nearly 30,000 clients.

How Deploying and Utilizing Workday Has Clarified LanguageLine’s Business Processes

Based on their continued success, LanguageLine needed to replace their dated human resources solutions with a unified alternative that could scale with their company’s growth—and they needed a partner that could help them deploy it efficiently.

When it came time to choose a deployment partner for Workday, OneSource Virtual was a natural fit. As a service partner dedicated exclusively to Workday, the organization was more than equipped with the certified expertise and automated tools needed to help LanguageLine succeed. Plus, OneSource Virtual was competitively priced.

“We went from an ‘eight-track’ to a single cloud-based system,  consolidating all of our platforms into a single source of truth.” Frank Perry, Vice President of HR for LanguageLine Solutions. 

Discover how the benefits of Workday and working with OneSource Virtual has transformed their business.

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