November 21, 2019

Customer Case Study: Rentokil Initial PLC

Rentokil Initial PLC is a world leading commercial pest control and hygiene services provider. The company provides services to a wide range of clients including food production companies, retail, restaurants and homes..

Operating across multiple business lines in more than 70 countries, the ability to leverage consolidated controls across its business operations and strategies is key to Rentokil’s success. The organization has invested in a series of technology platforms with global capability, including its partnership with Workday.

Increasing Global Presence and User Adoption

“Workday is a key platform for us at the moment,” says Andy Richards, Global Head of HRIS at Rentokil Initial PLC. “Rentokil, as an organization, is constantly evolving, increasing the focus on establishing wider global presence, controls and data. Workday is becoming more instrumental in that agenda every day.”

Rentokil partnered with OneSource Virtual to optimize its Workday application and improve both adoption and usage throughout the business.

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