April 21, 2023

Customer Case Study: Tate & Lyle

Tate & Lyle PLC is a global food and beverage manufacturing company headquartered in United Kingdom. Originally a sugar refining business, Tate & Lyle reshaped its company to meet the needs of consumers seeking healthy, delicious, and convenient food options and today focuses on providing ingredients and solutions which reduce sugar, calories and fat, add fibre, and provide texture and stability in food and drink. However, they didn’t just reshape their company to meet their consumers’ needs—they also reshaped it to meet the needs of their employees. In 2018, Tate & Lyle partnered with Workday to gain shared insight into their employees’ mandatory training and HR processes. And two years later, they leaned on OneSource Virtual to increase their Workday ROI.

Gaining a simplified view with Workday and OneSource Virtual

Tate & Lyle’s partnership with Workday wasn’t born out of a need for an HCM system but a need for a learning system.

“We didn’t have at the tip of our fingers the record of an employee completing their mandatory training at one of our plants,” says Mark Dawson, Workday Development Manager at Tate & Lyle. “This was the main driver for us investing in Workday.”

To implement their new cloud-based enterprise solution, Tate & Lyle partnered with OneSource Virtual. as an exclusive service partner. 

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